Saint Catherine

Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) rises 2285 m and is said to be where God revealed the Ten Commandments to Moses. Mt Sinai is considered sacred by the Christian Jewish and Muslim religions. St. Catherine’s Monastery is the smallest dioceses and the oldest Christian monastery still in use in the world. It also houses a rich collection of icons and precious manuscripts. With the exception of Fridays and Sundays, the monastery can be visited daily between 09:00 and noon. This excursion is offered either as a day or a night trip.

Mountain Dinner

Leaving Dahab by jeep at 7.00 pm and heading towards the mountains to enjoy a Bedouin style BBQ.

Observe the millions of stars in the clear night sky in this heavenly, tranquil place. A drive back to the hotel at about 10.00 pm



Beach Baggy

We drive through Dahab to the desert, enjoying all the scenery.

then drive inside the desert to visit Wadi Towaylat, Quani valley and Oasis, before driving to the Three Pools. We drive back to Dahab alongside the beach to Dahab City, arriving at the Blue Lagoon before driving back to Dahab.


An amazing historical treasure, carved out of the rose-red rocks by the Nabataeans. You will not believe your eyes when you see what the Nabataens built, you will see the evidence of their dealings with the Romans and enjoy the warmth given by the Jordanian and Bedouin people. You can travel through Petra either on foot, by horse, donkey or carriage. There are many stunning views to be seen and many places you can explore alone or with a guide. You can have a drink in an authentic Bedouin tent and enjoy stunning views. After this you can go of the beaten track to see the natural beauty of the oasis of Wadi Rum.


Win Surfing

The constant and strong winds also offer great conditions for the thrilling sport of wind Surfing. Courses are available daily for all levels (from beginner to advanced) in small groups. Shoes, wet suits and harness are available and are included in the course price. Lesson times are decided daily at 9 am and are organized to suit the wind and the clients’ abilities.

Camel Safari

Leaving Dahab at 8.00 a.m. and heading for the famous Blue Hole. We snorkel for an hour and take the camels, or hike, to Ras Abu Galum. On arrival we will be greeted with a welcome drink of Bedouin tea in one of the Bedouin houses before snorkeling. In the afternoon we will have a Bedouin lunch. A camel ride back to the Blue Hole and from there a drive, returning to Dahab around 5.00 pm

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